FundX Interactive

This video gives you a quick guide to using FundX Interactive

Our online sortable database of fund information allows you to customize the data in NoLoad FundX to your specifications.

It’s Easy to Use

With a few simple clicks, you can:

  • Sort funds by 1, 3, 6, and 12 month returns.
  • Get an alphabetical list of all the funds we cover.
  • Search for a fund by its ticker symbol.
  • Create a portfolio of the funds you hold.
  • Find performance data on more funds.
FundX Interactive

My Portfolio Feature

You can also use FundX Interactive to create your own watch list of funds.

Use the My Portfolio feature to list the funds you’re currently holding and each month, you’ll quickly see which funds should be replaced. If you have a limited number of funds to choose from, you can use the My Portfolio feature to create a list of the funds that are available to you.

It’s very easy to create a fund to your portfolio. Enter the ticker in the Fund Look-up box and then click Add (under the My Portfolio column). When a fund is added, it will be shaded in green (see below). To remove a fund, simply click remove.

FundX Interactive